Here is what people are saying about RAVENS-WAY WILD JOURNEYS LLC Nature Adventures and Wilderness Survival Programs:

“Dear Claudia and Vincent, Thank you for such excellent support for our students and programs.  It sounds like you took very good care of everyone and that it was appropriately recognized.  We feel honored to have received such great service.  We look forward to working together in the future.”

Shana Tarter, FAWM | WMI Assistant Director- NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute – Lander, WY

“I don’t have enough words in my mind to express the gratitude to Vincent and Claudia for sharing their passion and knowledge via all their Programs.  Amazing experience for everyone, always!!  Thank you and gracias!

Ana Smith, Sierra Vista, AZ – Program Coordinator, Cochise College Center for Lifelong Learning

“Raven’s Nest is awesome!  It’s a great environment for a Wilderness Medicine course with the incredible added benefit of the interpretive expertise of Vincent.  The experience has been rich with flora, fauna, astronomy, taxonomy, biodiversity, and great hosts: Vincent and Claudia.  The food and accommodations were over the top and all expectations exceeded!  Such a land of wonder!”   Such a wonderful venue for any occasion.  Claudia and Vincent are the ideal hosts at this very special place – so warm, welcoming, and inclusive!  This place was the PERFECT environment for our program in Wilderness Medicine.  Vincent’s addition of natural history and a wide range of interpretive education was the icing on the cake.  Would host anything here again and feel so lucky.  Thank you so much!”

David Janney, Oregon – Head Instructor for the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute

“Dear Claudia and Vincent – thank you for an amazing week.  I love this place – so peaceful and welcoming.  You both have really help me and my team a lot and I will be forever grateful.  Best wishes and good luck.”

Allaister Cooke, London, UK – Owner DAP – British Production Company & Film Director, working on a Nature pilot for the BBC at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary.

“Thank you Claudia and Vincent!  You are doing wonderful things here.  It’s always such a great experience for the students and myself. I look forward to the next visit for another great experience. I will also come back with my family to enjoy Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary”

Kevin Bonine, Tucson, AZ – Professor, University of Arizona – Annual Field Ecology Trip

“Thanks so much for your support of the student and instructors of the Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals course. The overall response from everyone involved was glowing! Everyone had a wonderful time out at Raven’s Way with you and Vincent and commented on your friendliness and hospitality, the quality of the food and facilities, and appreciated Vincent’s great programming! Thank you so much for doing such a great job on the front end of this MED course and for all of your hard work.”

Brian Murphy – NOLS Southwest Program Supervisor

“Our participants & instructors raved about their experience at Raven’s Way.  Again, we appreciate all that you are doing for us now & the students in April. Your thoughtfulness & care as the hosts at Raven’s Way create an unmatched learning environment for this long-standing course.”

Jill Moeller – NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute Partner Liaison – Lander, WY

“Thank you so much for your hospitality.  I must say that I was a bit worried about the food and heat before I arrived in Arizona.  At home I eat well and departed from a cool climate.  Upon arrival in the U.S. fast foods surrounded me, and then once in Arizona, so did the heat.  BUT, as soon as I arrived at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary, the only thing I had to worry about was my performance on camera.Your facilities are honestly the best I have ever stayed in! The showers and toilets are clean and a pleasure.  the food is healthy – the best I have ever had.  Organic food was an unexpected bonus and my only regret was not being able to finish the massive meals each day!  Thank you so much.  I learned a lot in the field from Vincent and in lifestyle from Claudia.  All the Best!”

Riley, New Zealand – Visiting Lead Actor, working on a shoot for a BBC Nature program at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary

“Thank you for everything Vincent! Our group had a fabulous learning opportunity tapping into your encyclopedic knowledge during all the Birding & Biodiversity Naturalist Saunters! Thank you for generously sharing so much information with all of us. What a treat to be able to visit so many different habitats within such close range of your Raven’s Nest! Claudia the Safari Tented Camp that you have designed blew us away…WOW…there is nothing you didn’t think about to ensure the most luxurious and comfortable experience. Thank you for you outstanding organic food and for setting the most beautiful and romantic tables under the stars…unforgettable in every way. We shall return again…and again…and again!”

The Elliot Family, Schwartz Family & Siegel Family – New York, NY

“Dear Claudia & Vincent, I truly appreciate your incredible hospitality during our stay at Raven’s Nest. Thank you for making our Crew’s experience so memorableand smooth! I’ve learned so much from you Vincent during this time and I am grateful for the knowledge that you so generously shared. You’ve built an oasis that I’ll certainly be dreaming about for years to come. I hope that you’ll continue to pour your love and passion into all that you do for people and the planet. Hope to cross paths again someday to share another great wilderness survival & nature adventure together1 Be blessed. With gratitude,”

Danni W. – Los Angeles – Visiting Lead Actress, working on a shoot for a BBC Nature program at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary

“Il nostro gruppo ha viaggiato in tutto il mondo diversi Eco-Lodges e anche a vari Safari Tented Camp in Africa e noi tutti concludono che la vostra esperienza complessiva è il top della lunga lista! Il vostro le iniziative di conservazione e pratiche ambientali sono di ispirazione. Come ospiti ci sentiamo privilegiati per partecipare al vostro bellissimo Eco-Lodge. Grazie Claudia & Vincent per la condivisione con i vostri ospiti così generosamente ad una natura indimenticabile ritiro a Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary. Avete creato un’ esperienza unica. Vincent, tutti i vostri tour erano incredibili! La vostra conoscenza e il vostro entusiasmo sono fantastici! Il nostro gruppo aveva una favolosa esperienza esplorare tante diverse e splendido habitat in Arizona. Grazie per tutto! Claudia erano cominciare? La vostra ospitalità leggendaria, deliziosi piatti gourmet e squisita Safari Tented Camp, erano fantastici. Tutti noi gli auguriamo il meglio Claudia & Vincent ! Speriamo di tornare di nuovo!”

Savina, Alessio, Orabella, Cipriano, Vittoria, Elpidio, Nerio – Italy

“Vincent and Claudia, If we had know how much we could learn from you, we would have stayed longer. What a wealth of diversity of information about being human – humans as a part of Nature,  rather than apart from Nature! Thank you so much for accommodating our group from Hope College, Michigan. Your personal involvement with every aspect of the Program was so unique and so appreciated. What you are accomplishing here is of critical importance! We learned a lot! Thanks for your passion, dedication, and broad, deep knowledge! You guys rock, and we hope to be back with another group soon!”

Kathy Winnet – Murray & K.Greg Murray – Biology Professors – Hope College, MI.

“Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Gastfreundschaft, die im europäischen Stil ist selten zu finden, in Amerika! Ihre Safari Camp erleben Sie zusammen mit dem Wildlife Tours hat uns alle in ein Arizona Safari in der Tat. Kehren wir häufig, wie wir gefunden haben, eine American Gem!”

Ada & Achim G. , Jutta & Claus H. , Germany

“It was another exceptional Birding & Naturalist Saunter. The birding stops were well planned, varied and interesting.  I have been in the area before birding but Vincent showed us areas I knew nothing about.  He was so quick at spotting birds for the group and talking about their behavior and habitat.  The prairie dog colony was wonderful as I did not know it existed and the others seem fascinated also.  A stop at the frog ponds was an interesting sidelight.  Being a naturalist, Vincent gave us an excellent overview of the grassland area highlighting birds, mammals, plants, grasses, tracks, etc.  He is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and fun to be with.  He quickly spotted Pronghorns for us to view. Of course, the highlight was the White-tailed Kite Vincent spotted on our way out.”

Linda W. AK

“The event on Friday was wonderful, thank you and Vincent so much. You both are wonderful people. You are fantastic teachers and fantastic at your profession. You are as good at being host as it is possible to be. As I said before, I came down to Raven’s Nest with high expectations, but everything exceeded my expectation. Thank You for all your help and for all the work you do. Thank you for being so considerate with my schedule and availability and for keeping us informed and setting this class up. Carry on the good work. See you again before too long.”

Frank & Patty R , Scottsdale, AZ

“Fantastic week again Vince! Great back-to-back Workshops! The Wilderness Survival Kit Workshop provided us with a wealth of information and practical knowledge! The Fire Workshop kicked our …. You make it look so easy…we’ll practice, practice, practice! Hope to improve before we return. Our group feels empowered after every weekend session with you. We all look at the natural resources with respect and appreciation as we know now how to transform them into useful tools. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the East Coast wild medicinal & edible plants.  We really appreciate how you always go above and beyond and for setting up a private program tailored to our many needs! Until next time we wish you the best!”

Jim W.- Chicago, Truman P.- NYC, Chris M. – NYC, Scott P. – Boston, Jake T. – Boston, Frank Z. – NYC, Bob J. – Phoenix, Zack S. – NYC, Mark W. – NYC.

“Obrigado Claudia & Vicente para um retiro de natureza inesquecível em Raven Ninho de natureza Santuário. Vincent, o nosso grupo tinha uma fabulosa experiência durante todos os seus amazing tours para tantas diferentes habitats e bela no Arizona. A sua paixão e conhecimento são uma inspiração para quem ouvir. O nosso grupo aprendemos muito sobre o Arizona Sky ilhas e a conservação e o meio ambiente. Claudia agradecer a sua hospitalidade, deliciosa comida gourmet. O seu belo Safari Tented Camp, camas muito confortáveis, chuveiros quentes sob as estrelas, eram muito mais que tínhamos esperado. Parabéns por tudo o que tem feito em tão curto período de tempo em seu Eco-Lodge. A beleza da experiência que você criou é único. Melhor da sorte de todos nós Claudia & Vicente!”

Almeida family & Medeiros family

“The group was THRILLED with you both and the program on Sunday, just ecstatic! The best feedback we’ve received thus far for a program, thank you both SO MUCH! I’m excited that the group tomorrow will get to experience you both and your passion, it’s truly inspiring. Much much gratitude, always!”
Erin Blanding – WE Director of Operations & Leadership

感谢的热情! 您的 Safari 的帐篷营地、美味的食品, 绝对漂亮的 Raven 的燕窝自然保护区都是独特的。我们希望己的。 – Chenguang, Ai, Daiyu, Jingfei, lihua, Meixiu – China

“Tak for at dele sådan en uforglemmelig oplevelse. Vi vil savne deres gæstfrihed! Vi elskede hvert aspekt af Raven’s Nest Natur Reservat, den fantastiske natur oplevelser og Vincent’s lære, Claudia er absolut lækker økologisk mad og alle de bekvemmeligheder af din safari teltcamp!”

Esther, Frederikke J. & Regitze & Sigga S. , Denmark

“Felicidades!!! Muy agradecidos por esta inolvidable experiencia educativa en su bello Raven’s Nest! Claudia & Vincent son hermosas personas y las gentilezas y atenciones para nuestro grupo simplemente espectaculares. Esperamos poder volver alguna vez! Entre tanto, sigan asi, el planeta, el medio ambiente, y nuestra sociedad los necesita. Muchas gracias por todo y saludos desde Chile hasta pronto!!”

Carlos D. – Medico – Chile

“Amazing knowledge Vincent! Thank you for sharing your passion and lifetime experience with us. We’ll keep practicing hoping to improve by our next visit. You make it all look easy, even the fire-plow…. We will think of all your practical teachings in the wilderness… We hope to make you proud. We will be back again during the Monsoon to get out to SCSNA again. Awesome experience!”

Joe M.- MA, Nick V.- VA, Jim W.- IL, Bob P. – FL, Pete L.- RI, Mike M.- NY, Tim B. – PA, Paul A. – D.C.

“What a wonderful gift to the Environment and the planet your Nature Sanctuary is! Thank you for sharing your passion, your hard work, and so much knowledge and experience with our group. The Conservation efforts are very inspiring and the transformation of your land a testament to your hard work and dedication to Raven’s Nest.

Heather R. – Cave Creek, AZ

“The Medicinal plants class was excellent! What a wonderful , useful, and interesting information there is to learn. Thank you Vince for sharing your knowledge with our family!”

Michele & Austin G. – Sahuarita, AZ

“Thank you for an incredible day at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary, learning, seeing, listening, doing. Your knowledge and hospitality Vince are so appreciated!”

Donna W. – Phoenix, AZ

” Nous vous remercions tous pour un inoubliable nature retreat et l’aventure chez Claudia & Vincent au Sanctuaire Naturel Raven’s Nest. Vincent, notre groupe avait une expérience fabuleuse pendant tous vos voyages fantastiques. Merci de nous guider pour tant de différentes nature adventures dans l’Arizona. Vous avez tellement de connaissances, l’expérience, et un véritable passion pour la nature, la conservation et l’environnement. Claudia merci pour toute votre attention au détail et l’hospitalité européenne à notre groupe au cours de la semaine dernière. Il va nous manquer votre gastronomie, le Safari Tented Camp, les lits confortables au Jaguar et l’Ocelot Camp, les douches sous les étoiles, et la paix, et la beauté de votre magnifique Sanctuaire. Encore un grand merci de nous tous Claudia et Vincent pour votre généreuse hospitalité ! Nous espérons vous revoir bientôt!”

Madeleine, Aline, Dominique, Deni, Cosette, Ginette, Fernande, Lucie, Bertrand, Claude – France

“Thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality! We very much enjoyed our week at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary! Since our group’s arrival we have learned a lot about wilderness survival skills, navigation under the stars, and nature. The food was awesome and so generous. The beauty of your facilities at Main Camp completely unexpected. Thank you for thinking about everything to ensure the comfort and safety of our group at all times!”

Andrew D. – Baltimore MD – Orthopedic Surgery

“Thank you for your hospitality, excellent nature tours around beautiful places in AZ, delicious organik food, and luxury Safari Tented Camp. We will always remember Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary and fantastic vacation with Vincent & Claudia.”

Guozhi, Jianguo, Liqin, Mingli, Kang, Chang – China

“Dear Claudia & Vince, this has been a great educational and enjoyable start to our wilderness medicine course. Your hospitality has been so welcoming. You have created a beautiful sanctuary for all the life in this remote valley and given us a gift of how to enjoy nature respectfully. Thank you for everything – it has been a great week!”

Megan L. – Altona, WI – NOLS WMI

“What a fantastic experience Vince! Learning Wilderness Survival Skills from you over the weekend has been transformative! I feel like I could really use the skills I learned in the training if I need to survive. Thank you! Our group will return for the next phase, can’t wait!”

Sara R. – Phoenix, AZ

“Gracias Claudia y Vincent por propiciarnosuna inolvidable experiencia en su bellisimo Santuario de la Naturaleza Raven’s Nest. Es una lastima tener que marcharnos pues nos gustaria seguir disfrutando de este paraiso con vosotros. Vicente, nuestro grupo ha tenido una fabulosa experiencia durante todos sus diversos tours a tours a tantos y tan diversos y hermosos sitios en Arizona. Su pasión y conocimiento son increíbles y realment una fuente de inspiración para quien tiene la fortuna de escucharlo. Nuestro grupo aprendido tanto sobre Arizona, temas relevantes de conservación y por supuesto de el medio ambiente. Claudia gracias por su generosa hospitalidad en su espectacular Safari Tented Camp. En nuestra memoria colectiva regresaran a España las deliciosas cenas gourmet bajo las estrellas, su increíble atencion a cada detalle en su hermoso Safari Tented Camp, las cómodas camas con linos organicos, las extraordinarias duchas calientes bajo las estrellas, y mil detalles mas eran mucho más de lo que jamas habíamos esperado encontrar en RWWJ. Felicitaciones por todo lo que han hecho en tan corto período de tiempo en su Eco-Lodge. La belleza de la experiencia que ambos en pareja han creado es simplemente único. Claudia & Vincent realment ha sido un placer conocerles y todos les deseamos la mejor de la suertes como ustedes se lo merecen!”

Familia Asturias & Familia Robledo – Madrid, Spain

“From the first emails from Claudia until the cooked Papago Lillies, we have felt cared for and have learned an immense amount of Wilderness Survival Skills. The knowledge you shared with us will empower each and everyone of us – Can’t wait to come back to continue the Training!”

Alexs W. – Scottsdale, AZ

“Claudia & Vince! Thank you for such an incredible learning experience. Your hospitality, food, and skills have completely blown away my expectations. I hope I have a chance to come back in the future to enjoy your Raven’s Nest, the views, and more useful learning!”

Matt T. MD – New York, NY

“We had a wonderful visit at your Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary. The Birding & Biodiversity Naturalist Saunter’s were great again! Hope to return again soon. Thank you!”

Jerry & Linda T. – Indiana

“What a wonderful educational experience. Thank you Vincent for sharing so generously with our group your 30+ years of field experience and practical knowledge. We will be back for more wilderness survival training with excitement and anticipation before we get out there again for a longer wilderness stay!

Tim G.- WA, Paul H.- CO, Jeff A. – OR, Patrick D. – NV, Mike B. – CA, Andrew W. – CA

“This has been a wonderful educational experience. The location is absolutely beautiful, and your facility is excellent. The Wilderness Survival Skills Workshop was mind blowing. Thank you!”

Lysbeth J. Tempe, AZ

“Dear Vincent and Claudia, thank you so much for a truly unforgettable time.  The priceless gift you have given my students will stay with them for a lifetime.  We will see you again!  With love and respect.

Irene Richardson, Tucson, AZ – Teacher w/ Tucson Waldorf School

“This was the best tour I’ve taken in a very long time.  You’re a great tour guide, as we learned new things about the Arizona desert – and we already know a lot!  Thank you for an awesome time.  We’ll be back very soon.”

April and James V. – Scottsdale, AZ

“Dear Claudia and Vincent, thank you for the wonderful experiences! I felt so comfortable in the forest and desert areas – it felt like I was home.  Thank you for teaching me survival skills, Earth Stewardship practices, and about the constellations.  It was such a great experience. We will come back again soon.”

Nicole D. , Canada

“Thank you for everything.  What a wonderful weekend. Our group had a fabulous learning opportunity, tapping into your encyclopedic and generous knowledge!  We shall be back and tell others in the meantime!!!

The Reeds and the Elliots

” Vincent, your knowledge of the land and the skills is incredible and I really appreciate your perspective of the “natural way”   Claudia, I ate better on this “survival” trip than any previous one – thank you! “.

Randy Champagne, Boulder, UT – Survival Instructor at Boulder Outdoor Survival School

“Vincent and Claudia – your hard work, teamwork, and dedication have resulted in a sanctuary for animals and plants…and people.  Thank you for sharing Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary!”

Annie W. – Wildlife Photography Safari – Scottsdale, AZ

“Vince – it was a great experience.  Thank you for all that you do – you are a great teacher.  You have changed the way that I look at Nature.  Thank you so much!

Blaine – Heber J. Grant Academy

“Heaven on hot buttered toast!!!  It was a wonderful day – tour and food excellent.”

Judy E.- Green Valley, AZ

“I loved this wilderness survival education experience Vincent!  You are very down to earth and yet also very good at holding my students accountable.  You have a fun sense of humor and I enjoyed all the different and practical ways you taught us. Thank you, we will be back!”

Teacher – Heber J. Grant Academy

“Grattis till alla dina bevarande initiativ & miljöpraxis på din vackra Eco-Lodge. Den totala upplevelsen som du har skapat för dina lyckliga gäster är unik.Tack Claudia & Vincent för en oförglömlig natur retreat på Raven’s Nest natur helgedom. Vincent, dina turer är bäst! Alla hade en fantastisk upplevelse att utforska så många olika och vackra miljöer i Arizona. Tack för att du delar med dig av din kunskap. Claudia tacka er gästfrihet, utsökt gourmetmat. Din vackra Safari Tented Camp, awesome förbränningsugn toaletter, bekväma och mysiga sängar, fantastiskt varma duschar under stjärnorna, var fantastisk. Lycka till från oss alla Claudia & Vincent! Vi hoppas att återkomma snart!”

Agata, Bernt, Acke, Claes, Aina, Elof, Frej, Alf, Fritjof, Gunilla, Asta, Halsten – Sweden

“Thank you for having us for an amazing learning experience- my NOLS group has had so much fun learning how to make fire and discovering other survival skills!”

Kaitlyn P., Boston, MA – National Outdoor Leadership School trip leader

“Thank you very much Claudia and Vincent.  It has been a wonderful, enjoyable, and informative 2 days.  I’ve had an incredible time learning about rope-making, flora and fauna, and making fires with a hand-drill.”

Patrick G., Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

“Dear Vincent and Claudia, thank you so much for all that you do!!  You two are so wonderful and giving…and your knowledge – wow!  Please let me know what I can do to promote your Ravens-Way philosophy.  I will see you down the road.”

Steve M., Port Hope, Ontario Canada – School Leader with visiting high school group

“Thank you for your hospitality and the great nature experiences. The Wilderness Survival Training was the best! Danke fir alles. ich werde immer mit Raven’s Nest verbuuden sein.”

Holger G. Professor, Germany

“FABULOUS EXPERIENCE….Birds, flowers, tress, insects, hospitality, great healthy food…What else is there? Wonderful! Thank you from all of us!!!”

Group from Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

“Dear Claudia and Vincent, your place is so cool!  What an experience you provided our lucky group for the past 2 days .You deserve your own TV show – break a leg!”

Jeanne & Steve, Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

“What a fantastic trip!! I only wish we could have stayed longer, but there are only so many hours in a day. Vincent Pinto has a wealth of knowledge and was so passionate about his “work.” Of course, Mother Nature cooperated, making it an awesome adventure for our group.”

Group from Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

“Vincent was an excellent wildlife expert. He could identify everything, and he could also explain WHY certain birds or plants are the way they are. I would definitely go on another program with him!”

Group from Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

I was delighted with Vincent Pinto. He was enthusiastic about everything we saw and explained in detail what we were seeing. I came out with a deep appreciation of my experience.”

Group from Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens

” I’m happy to hear the event was a success! Thank you for doing a great job in accommodating our guests and for your hard work on making this program a great success!
Luana V. – Program Director, Adult Education, Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix, AZ

“The group had an absolutely wonderful time with Vince, as always! They are still talking about it and they really bonded strongly as a group because of it. The shift in energy after they got back was very evident, a testament to Vince’s skills without a doubt. Thank you so much for making that work!! Thank you for all you both do!”
Erin B. – AZ Director Free the Children & WE

“Thanks Vince for a great day and for taking time to share all your wilderness survival and plant knowledge with us. We all really enjoy the opportunity to come out to Raven’s Nest every time, we always learn so much. Thank you!”

Karl G. Sahuarita, AZ

“Dear Vincent and Claudia,  from the day our son Brecht came home from a 3-day camp at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary we were so curious about who are these people who touched his soul so deeply.  Brecht wanted to go back the same day, as if this was where he truly belonged.  We are so thankful to have been able to came back again to experience this journey and we now see and understand completely how he must feel connected in every way. We are thankful that all our boys experienced Raven’s Nest.  Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.”

Renske, Bart, and the boys – the Netherlands

“Vi ringrazio per la condivisione di Raven’s Nest santuario della natura con il nostro gruppo. Abbiamo avuto una indimenticabile esperienza in Arizona. Non dimenticheremo mai la vostra generosa ospitalità! Vincent grazie per averci guidato nella vostra bella Chiricahuas e per tutte le fantastiche avventure di natura. Abbiamo imparato molto da voi. Claudia ci mancherà il vostro gourmet cibo organico. Ci sarà il ritorno di godere di tutti i comfort di vostro Safari Tented Camp e alla Jaguar e Ocelot Camp, la nostra casa in Arizona! Nel frattempo, ci mancherai e ci auguriamo sia molto meglio a RWWJ.

Pina, Fonsie, Giulietta, Biaggio, Marcello, Eli, Gianni, & Francesca – Italy

“Thank you for all you both are, and all you do to make the world a better place!”

Margaret M. – Phoenix, AZ

“Great day for all of us, practical knowledge, professional facilities, delicious food. Couldn’t ask for nicer hosts or a better and more informative wilderness survival learning experience!”

Monte M. – Phoenix, AZ

“Learned so much about tracks and scat.  Wonderful Tracking class!  I would do it again in a new field location!  Thanks so much!

Linda W., AK

“What an amazing and special place you have both created here in Southern Arizona. Vince thank you for your dedication to the environment & your enthusiasm and knowledge of the field that we thankfully got a small taste of! Claudia thank you so much for your delicious food & warm smile over the past week. Thanks to you both I feel amazed to have enteres the”wilderness” and ready to begin the NOLS journey! Keep the amazing work and thank you for sharing your Raven’s Nest with lucky people! All the best!

Kymberlee R. , M

“Vincent & Claudia,Thank you for being such wonderful hosts. Your hospitality will be a lasting memory when I look back on this NOLS course. The educational sessions with you Vincent were incredible and I wish we had more time to learn about the region and wilderness survival technoques from an expert like you! Claudia, the food was extraordinary and I fully appreciate all the time and effort that you put into each meal. Raven’s Nest is beautiful and I was constantly surprised by everything I saw. Until we met again!”

Jared B.-  NYU Cardiothoractic Surgery. NYC – NOLS WMI

“Claudia & Vincent, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the amazing hospitality that you both have shown over the past week during our stay for the NOLS WMI course. The facilities were top notch, luxurious, and everything so well cared for. Raven’s Nest is absolutely beautiful and a wonderful paradise you have both developed. The job you 2 have done is very admirable and I’d love to come again to spend more time in this lovely place. Thank you for everthing!”

Bobby D. – ER M.D. MI

“Dear Claudia & Vincent, This week has been an exceptional experience for all of my senses…from the delicious flavors of the Southwest, to the smell of smoke as I attempted to make my own fire-by-friction! You have made the stay for our group memorable and beyond comfortable. Thank you for providing a delightful learning environment and for teaching us so much. Thank you for everything!”

Alexandra D. – M.D. – Mt Sinai , NYC. NY

“You have such an amazing and beautiful Nature Preserve and you are both so knowledgable!  I had a great time hiking and exploring the Sky Islands with you and WOW the food is incredible!”

Alyssa P., Tucson, AZ – University of Arizona, Ecology 463 Field Trip

“It was an amazing learning experience as you taught me about the medicinal, edible, and other useful plants of Arizona.”

Austin G. – Scottsdale, AZ

“We had a wonderful visit to Raven’s Nest.  The food was delicious and the birding and Nature talks were great.  Hope to see you again soon.”

Lindy & Jim  – Scottsdale, AZ

“Great day for all of us, practical knowledge, professional facilities, delicious food. Couldn’t ask for nicer hosts or a better learning experience!”

Monte M. – Phoenix, AZ

“Grazie per una fantastica esperienza di natura di Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary. Il nostro gruppo aveva una favolosa esperienza durante tutti i vostri informativo organizzato e percorsi didattici. Vincent grazie per averci guidato in tante diverse ed emozionanti avventure nella natura in Arizona. Avete così tanta conoscenza, un grande senso dell’umorismo e una passione per la conservazione e l’ambiente che è contagiosa. Abbiamo imparato così da voi e la prossima volta ci porterà le nostre telecamere. Claudia grazie per la vostra attenzione per i dettagli e per pensare a tutto il tempo! Ci mancheranno il suo stile Europeo ospitalità e il vostro piatti internazionali. Il Safari Tented Camp avete costruito in AZ è unico. Jaguar & Ocelot Camp ci ha fatto sentire davvero in Safari. Grazie da tutti i membri del gruppo per la vostra generosa ospitalità!”

Adona, Cirino, Elda, Gioia, Cosimo, Donato, Eligio, Crescenzo – Italy

“You have both made my first trip to the Southwest truly memorable.  Thank you for your hospitality, great food, kindness, and teachings.  I hope to return in the future!”

Joel A., Rome, NY – National Outdoor Leadership School

“Vincent has an incredible wealth of knowledge.”

Patrick H.,  Tucson, AZ  – University of AZ field trip

“I love the conservation message and the knowledge of local flora and fauna.”

Candice E., Tucson, AZ – University of AZ field trip

“Dear Vincent and Claudia, thank you so much for a truly unforgettable time.  The priceless gift you have given my students will stay with them for a lifetime.  We will see you again!  With love and respect.

Irene Richardson, Tucson, AZ – Teacher w/ Tucson Waldorf School

“Thank you for opening your land to me for solo instruction.  Your knowledge and facilities are world class for a very fair price, which allows all to experience them without breaking the bank.  I will definitely return with others in tow!”

Paul M., Benson, AZ


We loved our time with Vincent. He helped us see the area through his eyes, and told us many great stories. We learned a lot about the flora and fauna. He is also very friendly and kind. We hope to do another tour with him in the future. The kids were inspired by his knowledge and care for the wilderness, and the small bits they learned about the way he has lived his life.

Julie W. & Family , CA


Birding with Vincent was FANTASTIC! We went on three half-day tours with Vincent in April 2022. My 86-year old mother had been wanting to go birding in the Sky Islands for years so off we went. Vincent is so knowledgeable that not only did we see more birds than we could possibly have imagined but we learned all about each one and its place in the ecosystem. Vincent seems to know everything about the natural world that he enthusiastically shared with us. Vincent is also patient. He never seemed to tire of our questions about anything and everything we saw and never seemed impatient when we asked for the tenth time what that bird was and it was a yellow-rumped warbler. Being the leader of our little group of an 86-year old, a 70-year old and a 60-year old, what I appreciated most was Vincent’s kindness and thoughtfulness in tailoring our trips to the group. He chose locations, times of day, and itineraries that fit our interests, skill levels and levels of fitness. He was always willing to change plans in the middle if we needed to. We felt like we had a friend who was taking care of us. The trip could not have happened without Claudia. She is the one who coordinates everything and I really appreciated her responsiveness, her organization and her ability to get us all moving in the right direction. Her instructions and packing lists were very helpful and she was super-easy to work with. If you’ve ever looked out the car window anywhere in Arizona and said to yourself, “I wonder what that is?” I HIGHLY recommend that you spend a day with Vincent. You’ll walk away with a whole new appreciation of all the creatures and plants that live around you.

Linda, Paul & Judy – WA – April 9/2022


On behalf of our research group – we want to thank you Vincent for an unforgettable Birding, Biodiversity & Photography experience in the Chiricahua Mountains! Our group highly appreciated your depth and breath of knowledge in so many different Natural History disciplines, the intimate knowledge that you have of the area, your passion for education & conservation of the unique biodiversity of the Sky Islands region, and your willingness to adapt both to our specific research interests and the vagaries of mountain weather! We will certainly return during Monsoon season again to further explore this gem and learn from you! Thank you for the work you do Vincent ! Wishing you continued success!
Steve G.- NY, Samuel F. – MA, David P. – MA, Jeremy I. – NY, Michael M. – NY, Jona S. – NY.


Vincent, un milione di grazie per la meravigliosa e indimenticabile esperienza naturale nelle montagne del Chiricahua! il nostro gruppo vi ringrazia per la settimana di intenso apprendimento che abbiamo avuto con voi. Sei una vera enciclopedia sulle questioni rilevanti della conservazione e dell’ambiente! Che fortuna averti trovato! Torneremo l’anno prossimo per continuare a conoscere con voi la biodiversità delle Sky Islands. La tua passione per l’educazione e la conservazione delle ricchezze del mondo naturale è esemplare! inoltre, per tutti noi, passare una settimana con voi è stato un piacere. A presto Vincenzo!
Enzo A., Luca M., Emiliano R., Mattia M., Abramo P. – Italy


Vincent, nous te remercions pour une expérience naturelle extraordinaire dans les montagnes Chiricahua! Nous sommes tous très impressionnés par votre connaissance approfondie de l’histoire naturelle ainsi que par les zones sauvages de la région. Nous souhaitons seulement que nous aurions pu rester plus longtemps. Une semaine à explorer avec vous la splendide biodiversité de la région Sky Islands n’est certainement pas suffisante.  Merci beaucoup de nous avoir éduqués et sensibilisés à tant de défis de conservation différents. Nous reviendrons!
Manon, Jules, Chloe, Emile, M – Bordeaux, France


Thanks for a great trip in the Chiricahuas! VIncent talked with us for two straight days, identifying every bird call and song, every tree and shrub, and every lizard, butterfly, and mammal, and provided historical and geological context for how all the species depend on one another to form this amazing ecosystem. It was a lovely adventure in a rich and unique montane environment. Vincent was able to pivot on where to visit on a windy day, so we could still find plenty of birds despite the wind. I hope to return to the Chiricahuas and take another trip with Vincent!
Emily A. – Altadena, CA



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