Astronomy Tours


The night skies of Southeastern AZ include some of the best celestial viewing sites in North America. Year-round you can explore the mystery of the night skies, including a constellation tour, planetary views, and a multitude of deep sky objects. Following dinner under the stars at the Safari Tented camp, Naturalist and amateur Astronomer Vincent Pinto will guide you through the visible cosmos. He’ll help you identify stars, constellations, star clusters, and more! Enjoy Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn through the telescope during certain months every year . Vincent will use a combination of high-tech equipment, as well as various myths associated with the constellations, to help you know your way around the night sky as never before. Join us for this very unique stargazing experience at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary!

Year-round you can explore the mystery of the heavens, including:

  • A Constellation Tour
  • Planetary views
  • Mysterious deep sky objects
  • Ancient Sky Stories
  • Navigation by the stars, planets, and the Moon
  • Seasonal Meteor Showers

With the aid of cutting edge technology, as well as the ancient mythology, you’ll rediscover the joy of gazing at the night sky. This evening program can be combined with a dusk Wildlife Safari, Owl Prowl, or Night Walk as desired.  Tuition : $100p/p


At night, after a gourmet dinning  experience al fresco at the Safari Tented Camp, enjoy skies full of stars, planets, and deep sky objects during a Starry Safari, an Owl Prowl, a Moon Walk, or any number of engaging slide shows that will complement your daytime explorations.

When a full or near-full Moon blots out the night sky at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary, it’s time for a nocturnal nature walk! Join Naturalist and Astronomer Vincent Pinto for a short, easy ramble of a mile or less along the groomed trails at Raven’s Nest.  Along the way Vincent will help you find nocturnal wildlife, such as Owls, Javelina, Ringtails, Opossums, Deer, bizarre invertebrates, and more.

Learn about the unique and fascinating habits of rarely-glimpsed species, while marveling at the beauty of a lunar-lit landscape. Additionally, Vincent will use his laser pointer to interpret any visible celestial objects, including the Moon itself. The walk is a perfect complement after a gourmet organic dinner under the stars at the Safari Tented Camp! Tuition: $100p/p


Experience the magic of Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary at night! Let us guide you on a unique sensory experience to uncover unusual nocturnal creatures and their habitats. Here is great opportunity to see Owls, Mammals, Bats, Toads, Insects, night-blooming Plants, and other wonders of this hidden, and often-ignored world. You’ll learn fascinating facts about many creatures of the night, while rediscovering the magic of the dark! You may also choose to pair your nocturnal ramblings with an Astronomy tour while on the move. Combining Astronomy with a Night Walk ensures that there is always something fascinating to learn about and marvel at during your nocturnal adventure. You may also enjoy our “Creatures of the Night” slide show as a part of your Night Walk.

Tuition : $100p/p