Land Conservation & Ecological Restoration


Land Conservation & Ecological Restoration

Since our arrival at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary in March 2008, we have been committed to restoring degraded habitats and  promoting land conservation.  Our 42-acre preserve contains a beautiful array of natural environments, each of which has benefitted by our careful land management practices. Our habitats include:

  • Mesquite and Acacia Woodlands
  • Grasslands
  • Ocotillo Forests
  • Arroyos
  • Canyons
  • Wildlife Ponds
Each habitat requires specific hands-on management and direct actions to promote and maintain an optimal level of biodiversity.  We regularly monitor all corners of Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary over the course of the year, noting any particular needs it may have and implementing any required management actions.
Firmly believing that every inch of land is sacred, we have actively restricted the amount of land devoted to buildings and human artifices of any kind, including parking and driving areas. We have rehabilitated many of the former dirt roads into thriving wildlife habitat.
To support our amazing Sky Islands biodiversity we carefully constructed 3 main Wildlife Ponds at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary.  Carefully choosing sites that are artfully incorporated into dense tree and shrub cover, we attempt to minimize evaporative water loss and maximize the seclusion offered to all the diverse wildlife that regularly visits them.  These ponds are also small in an effort to reduce the rain-water that we have to use to keep them full to be able to support a wide range of wildlife all year long.  Over the years, we have experienced immense joy and amazing rewards to all our efforts as we witness wildlife relying on these water sources on an ongoing basis.

A rich aquatic environment thrives in each, as evidenced by native wetland plants such as Duckweed and Water Penny as well as many aquatic invertebrates.  Adult Water Boatmen, various species of Diving Beetle, the larvae of Dragonflies and Damselflies, and other species comprise a varied underwater assemblage of life.  Birds flock to the ponds, not only to drink and bath, but also to consume the many invertebrates concentrated in their vicinity.   Lizards and snakes often sun themselves on the fringe of rocks surrounding the ponds, further adding to their enchanting aspect.

Whitetail Deer, Collared Peccary, threatened Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Gray Hawks, Common Gray Fox, various snakes, a veritable blitzkrieg of birds, and many butterflies are a mere sampling of the species benefitting from these crucial sources of water.  Our remote wildlife cameras often capture these species as they visit our ponds.  They are a true nexus of life here at the sanctuary!

 Even Osprey, Belted Kingfisher, Mexican Ducks, and several species of Herons and Egrets have visited them on occasion!