Our main impetus for creating our Safari Tented Camp Eco-Lodge is to provide opportunities for you to explore Nature, while contributing to the protection of the environment and the health of ecosystems in the Sky Islands region.  At Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary  we’ve designed every aspect of our Safari Tented Camp to minimize impacts on the land and the wildlife that inhabit and visit our beautiful and secluded sanctuary.   Acting in harmony with Nature is one of our basic tenants at Ravens-Way Wild Journeys LLC.

The health benefits of spending time in Nature are well-documented, as are the stress-relieving aspects of taking a vacation. Travelers looking to really get away from it all should consider de-stressing at our relaxing and secluded Eco-Lodge in the Sky Islands. Good for your stress levels and for the environment, our Safari Tented Camp is both tranquil and invigorating. Our diverse and private Sky Islands Nature Adventures to pristine and remote Sky Islands locations include:

During your stay you’ll savor organic cuisine, featuring seasonal wild delicacies.  We will help you to artfully weave the eco-vacation that strikes the perfect balance of Private Sky Islands Nature Adventures and relaxation that you so crave.


Finally a vacation that satisfies your need for comfort and pleasure, as well as your desire to help the Earth!  Rest assured that while you’re having the time of your life you’ll also be helping to conserve some of the world’s most vital natural habitats.  At RWWJ we have been dedicated Conservationists since 1993, committed to Environmental Education and Earth Stewardship efforts in the majestic Sky Islands region.  Our every action for over 25 years  has been focused on preserving the land and it’s natural resources, benefiting varied Ecosystems, and employing local staff to benefit our local communities.  At RWWJ we are passionate about raising awareness via experiential education, helping you to understand and protect Nature. Realizing that without a healthy environment we are all in dire straits, we strive daily to make a positive difference in helping our planet.


Passionate about the urgent need to protect the area’s unique biodiversity and promote conservation efforts in the region, Vincent came up with the concept of  a new film: Biodiversity in the Heart of the Sky Islands – serving as the film’s Screenwriter, Film Narrator, and on-screen Presenter. In this new Nature documentary Vincent explores the rich ecology and inherent beauty of key wild areas in the Sky Islands – including looming threats to their ecological integrity, valuable natural resources, and continued survival.  Will generations to come have these natural treasures to enjoy or will they be carelessly squandered?


At Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary  we offer groups a unique, remote, quiet, and very private Glamping option in Expedition Tents. They are canvas tents set-up for your group both at the Safari Tented Camp and Main Camp, amidst the peace, beauty, and luxury amenities of Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary.  Our goal is to provide our guests countless opportunities to disconnect, relax, explore, and reconnect with Nature, while contributing to the protection of the environment and the health of ecosystems in the Sky Islands region. Thus, when you make a reservation with us we guarantee that you will always have exclusive use and enjoyment of Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary! This in in stark contrast to the often crowded, loud, and unruly campgrounds that abound elsewhere!


To enjoy a very private Glamping experience with luxury beyond Conventional Camping, we offer our gorgeous Expedition Tents in the Safari Tented Camp. Our Staff will set up spacious canvas tents over wooden platforms, with immediate access to your private en-suite bathroom. Each tent is appointed with rugs, Serta raised airbeds, linens, electricity, a fan, and beautiful furnishings for a very memorable Glamping experience.

Safari Expedition Lodging Fee: $150/person/night

We support retreats and workshops that are aligned with our deep respect for the land, it’s creatures and it’s many gifts. Thus, we love to share the energy of this gorgeous Nature Sanctuary with like-minded people, who value the opportunity to reconnect with Nature at every level! Therefore, we have created opportunities for groups and individuals to find and connect to their own, private contemplative spaces – surrounded by the powerful energy and beauty of Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary!



At RWWJ one of our underlying philosophies is to promote Environmental Practices that will help lower our use of Power, Water, Fuel, and that minimizes the Waste we produce. This reduces our Ecological Footprint – the sum total of all of our actions – positive, neutral, or negative, on the environment.
One of our key goals at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary is “ ZERO” WASTE : the recycling of all materials back into Nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects the Environment and the pristine Ecosystems around us.


At Raven’s Nest, we follow strict green guidelines to ensure that our guests are staying in a safe, non-toxic and resource-efficient accommodations as we strive for Ecological Sustainability. Here are some of our environmentally friendly practices:

  • We only use natural, non-toxic cleaning agents and biodegradable laundry detergent 
  • 100% cotton sheets, towels, and napkins are available instead of wasteful paper products 
  • We promote towel and sheet re-use to reduce water consumption 
  • All the Indoor & Outdoor Showers and Sinks are set up for Gray-water recycling, allowing the reuse of all bath and kitchen water for the surrounding trees & plants 
  • We provide bulk organic and biodegradable soap and amenities instead of individual packages to reduce waste 
  • Our state of the art stainless steel Incinerator Toilets are energy-efficient and the ashes serve as Compost for the trees
  • All the fans at our Eco-Lodge are energy-efficient (no air-conditioning) 
  • All the portable heaters at our Eco-Lodge are energy-efficient
  • Solar & Energy-efficient lighting throughout Raven’s Nest
  • Our cuisine includes organic, home-grown, and local food with wild seasonal treats 
  • We Compost All food scraps 
  • We REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE all glass, plastic, carton, aluminum, and paper 
  • We only use non-disposable dishes and cloth napkins instead of wasteful paper & plastic disposableproducts 
  • We substitute with Organic, Biodegradable, home-grown, hand-made, clean energy and local products 
  • We have built the Eco-lodge with local artisans who have custom made solutions with local materials and traditions in support of our local community 
  • Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary is a non-smoking, drug-free environment



Some of our Conservation initiatives and highlights at Raven’s Nest Nature Sanctuary include:

  • Ongoing Environmental Education and Nature Adventure Programs 
  • 20,000 gallon active Rainwater Harvesting System 
  • Passive Rainwater Harvesting earthen structures 
  • Only Gray-Water Sinks and Showers at the Safari Tented Camp
  • 7 Outdoor Gray-Water  Solar Showers at Main Camp
  • 4 Indoor Gray- Water showers at Nighthawk Nook
  • 10 Gray-Water Sinks at Main Camp
  • Watershed Restoration & Stabilization 
  • Organic Gardens 
  • Organic Orchards – Peaches, Apricots, Pomegranates, Apples, Quinces, Plums,
  • Sky Islands Habitat Restoration Initiative (SIHRI) 
  • Adopt-a-Tree Program 
  • Removal of Non-Native/Invasive species 
  • Organic Dining 
  • Passive Solar heating and landscaped shade at our home 
  • Eco-crafts from local, natural material harvested  from our sustainable Nature Sanctuaries

When you stay at our Safari Tented Camp, rest assured that you are helping with these and other Conservation efforts here in the Sky Islands and beyond! For further details about our Nature Sanctuary, please visit: RAVEN’S NEST

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