Stone-Age Village


Stone-Age Village


Since we firmly feel that humans have an important role to play within the natural world, we’ve spent countless hours creating a Stone-age Village within our Wilderness Zone.  We intend this as a clear statement that humans too are a part of Nature rather than apart from it.

Here we have fashioned various structures and tools that harken back to our Hunter-gatherer Ancestors from around the globe.  We all share this common heritage as humans and here at our Village we invite you to explore its meanings and nuances.

Turning back the hands of time, yet looking to learn for the future, we have carefully constructed this special place within our beautiful canyons.  Here you can learn about your time-honored skills, while gaining valuable lessons for modern life.

Thus far, the village includes:

  • Flint-knapping Area/Ramada
  • Large Lean-to
  • Earth-oven & Pottery firing pit
  • Group Shade Ramada
  • Food-processing Area
  • Grass-covered Wickiup,
  • Several Conical Wickiups
  • A-frame Shelter
  • Reed Shade Shelter
  • Arroyo Shelter
  • Hunting and Trapping site
  • Story-telling Area
  • Recreational Hearth


Just imagine yourself creating fire without matches, fashioning rope from local plants, or creating natural paint from rocks in this serene scene!


Each shelter not only provides valuable examples of primitive construction, but also is a functional space within which to learn various survival skills.

By borrowing shelter ideas and skills from around the globe the Stone-age Village provides valuable survival lessons for all who visit it. In an effort to practice conservation we have mostly used Non-Native Plants – removed from our land for Ecological Restoration – during the construction of the Stone-age Village.

At our other preserve in the Chiricahuas – RAVEN’S MOUNTAIN NATURE SANCTUARY, we have crafted a functional Wilderness Survival Encampment where you can simulate various survival scenarios.

Both Raven’s Nest and Raven’s Mountain Nature Sanctuaries are carefully designed to immerse you within the world of Stone-age Skills and Wilderness Survival.  Whether you are learning an ancient art form, practicing your trapping skills, creating a survival shelter, or conjuring fire without modern aids we know that you’ll enjoy yourself in these fascinating realms!